Kicksta Premium Display (Front Door)
Kicksta Premium Display (Front Door)
Kicksta Premium Display (Front Door)
Kicksta Premium Display (Front Door)
Kicksta Premium Display (Front Door)
Kicksta Premium Display (Front Door)
Kicksta Premium Display (Front Door)
Kicksta Premium Display (Front Door)
Kicksta Premium Display (Front Door)

Kicksta Premium Display (Front Door)

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A little about plastic displays and boxes.....

Most sneaker displays/ storage boxes on the current Aussie market are made out of a single basic plastic called PP plastic. However, All our products are a fusion of two different plastics for superior transparency and durability

The Kicksta Premium Sneaker Display is the GODFATHER of all sneaker displays on the market it is a combination of two types of plastic PP+PS this gives the extreme transparent look you would find in an Acrylic box minus the easy to shatter aspect. It is clearly heavier and sturdier for a stronger structure. Its Spacious inside and a no brainer options to show off your favourite kicks around your room and home.

  • Magnetic doors: No loud slamming/ clicking when closing the door gives a premium feel to the display.
  • Spacious: Measuring at 36*28*22cm allowing you to fit all kinds of shoes from High-tops to High Heels, made for all shoes!
  • High Transparency: For amazing visual appearance of your sneakers on all angles!
  • Ventilation holes (MUST NEED) Found subtly on the top back corner of the displays: Protects the shoes from suffocating in the display's and avoids the paint drying out which also causes fading of the colours on your sneakers. Should always avoid Sneaker displays/boxes without this features as you don't know the damage you are doing to your sneakers until it's too late.
  • Dust proof: Keep your sneakers protected from dust at all times! This sneaker display is completely dust-proof so you wont have to worry about dusting your sneakers and cleaning them constantly due to the detrimental damage that dust can causes your sneakers.
  • Stackable: Unique Mould on the bottom and top of the displays allows for an easy and secure stacking of the sneaker displays.
  • UV resistant: You don't have to worry about keeping your sneaker displays near windows as the UV rays  from the sun wont be able to penetrate through the displays and damage the shoes and potentially melt the box and ruin the shape.
  • Weather resistant: Is a great insulator for your shoes and protects from heat and other unwanted temperatures, keeps the shoes at stable temperatures.
  • Resistant against spoilage damage: (Water and other liquids)
  • Structural integrity: Can withstand large amounts of weight (up to 20kg per display ) stacked on-top without folding in or cracking.
  • Easy to assemble: Instead of giving you some piece of paper with vague and unclear instructions we have a short video on how to assemble the product that is easy to follow and very accessible on our website, Facebook and will be sent in an email directly to the customer after an order is placed. 

See assembly video below for a step by step easy to follow guide to putting the display together.

Why choose us?


Our two different front door displays can be identified in the middle and left compared to the front door display on the right which is a common standard for a display/storage box on the Aussie market.... difference leaves you speechless right? wait till you compare the structures in hand.....and oh you don't even want to compare prices....we start as low as 13$ for our Kicksta Compact Displays and 18$ for our Kicksta Premium Displays

Here to serve the AUSSIE community

Here at KICKSTA we understand the everyday struggle of Australian sneaker lovers trying to find a high-quality, sturdy and stackable sneaker displays for a reasonable price for your sneakers from a supplier you trust. Whether it’s from Amazon, eBay and other companies within Australian we understand that it’s a difficult process and takes time and more money than you like to spend just to find a decent product. That’s where we come in and relief you of this struggle…We have undergone a tedious process of sourcing countless products from numerous suppliers to ensure we have brought to you the longest lasting and visually pleasing sneaker displays in Australia!