KickstStorage Deodorant Balls
KickstStorage Deodorant Balls
KickstStorage Deodorant Balls
KickstStorage Deodorant Balls
KickstStorage Deodorant Balls

KickstStorage Deodorant Balls

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Introducing Kicksta Storages newest sneaker accessories, Deodorant balls!

Wanting to get rid of any built moisture, Bad smell and overall have your sneakers smelling fresh all the time? Look no further than our Kicksta Storage Deodorant balls.

Prices as low as 7$ a pair! no need to pay 20$+ per pair  


  • Absorbs moisture ( sweat or any other type of moisture)
  • Leaves a fresh fragrance in your sneakers
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Rids of any bad smells from your sneakers 
  • Comes in pairs of 6,12,20 the more you buy the cheaper it is!. 1 pair is 2 balls, 6 pair is 12 balls etc....
  • Unique red and black colour and fragrance 
  • Long product life: Lasts up to 6 months! 

How to use? Simple twist the capsules until they are in their longest form and place in sneakers ( 1 ball per sneaker) and instantly see results.

Why choose us?


Our two different front door displays can be identified in the middle and left compared to the front door display on the right which is a common standard for a display/storage box on the Aussie market.... difference leaves you speechless right? wait till you compare the structures in hand.....and oh you don't even want to compare prices....we start as low as 13$ for our Kicksta Compact Displays and 18$ for our Kicksta Premium Displays

Here to serve the AUSSIE community

Here at KICKSTA we understand the everyday struggle of Australian sneaker lovers trying to find a high-quality, sturdy and stackable sneaker displays for a reasonable price for your sneakers from a supplier you trust. Whether it’s from Amazon, eBay and other companies within Australian we understand that it’s a difficult process and takes time and more money than you like to spend just to find a decent product. That’s where we come in and relief you of this struggle…We have undergone a tedious process of sourcing countless products from numerous suppliers to ensure we have brought to you the longest lasting and visually pleasing sneaker displays in Australia!