How long does shipping take? Shipping will take between 1-3 weeks after order confirmation depending on location. We are in the holiday season and still feeling the effects of COVID so bare with us as there might be shipping delays however you will be able to check up on the status of your order either through direct contact with us or your package tracking. 

IMPORTANT SHIPPING INFORMATION: Please ensure you check your email for your SENDLE  tracking number so you can watch your order OR if you cannot find your SENDLE tracking number contact us ASAP and we will give it to you. If you are not available to receive the delivery the order will be sent back to our location here in Melbourne , so please ensure you are actively tracking your order and arrange to be there to receive the order or someone else in your place as we will have to re ship and that will add another week or two to delivery date. 

When are orders shipped? Depending on when you have placed your orders, all orders are shipped on either the Monday, Wednesday or Friday. But we will keep you updated on your order via email.

Can I return my products? Yes you can but please check our Returns and Exchanges page for more information. 

Do you offer bulk buying? Yes! Please contact us directly through email @ kickstastorage@gmail.com for bulk orders and a team member will be in contact with you to organise it shortly. We also guarantee the lowest bulk prices for similar products in Australia.

Can you use the same coupon twice ? Unfortunately each coupon redeemed can only be used by 1 person once.

Will the display fit all larger shoes? Yes both display fit all shoes up to size 15, we have even managed to squeeze in timberlands in the Kicksta Premium Sneaker Display! They are both rather tall standing at 22cm in height so pretty much any shoes including Heels can fit into them.We made sure that both products were taller than the usual shoe displays you’d find on the market to ensure they fit a wide variety of sizes of shoes. The Kicksta Compact display however won’t fit really wide shoes like Yeezys due to the narrow space, but all other shoes like air forces, Jordans, nikes and ultraboost fit perfectly!

Do you ship overseas? Unfortunately we don't ship overseas yet, however we are working on for the upcoming months to ship to New Zealand.

Faulty products? If you have any faulty products or damaged goods, please send us an email @ kickstastorage@gmail.com and attach a picture/ video as soon as you find the fault to provide as much information and show us the problem so we can ensure it doesn’t occur again. We will send out replacement products with no extra costs and you don’t have to pay for shipping!

Question not answered? Or unsure about something? That’s Alright! Just shoot us an email at kickstastorage@gmail.com or message us on our facebook page and someone will contact you within a few hours to help with any question.

Instructions videos for each product.  We understand that vagueness of instructions that usually comes with Display boxes in the market so we decided to create clear and concise step by step videos of how exactly to put each product together. This can be found below and in each of the product descriptions in one of the photos.

Kicksta Premium Instruction video

Kicksta Compact Instruction Video: